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Evan G. Chancellor
Evan began writing music as a church worship leader in high school and expanded to arranging wind chamber music and choral works during college.  He studied music theory with Timothy Jackson and Gene Cho at the University of North Texas and instrumental arranging with Roland Barrett at the University of Oklahoma.  He has composed original works for wind band, horn ensemble, and choir, and has done a wide variety of transcriptions and arrangements.  His work has been performed by the Hummingbird Camp Advanced Band and by student groups at the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Baptist University and the University of Central Oklahoma. He has done instrumental worship music arrangements for churches in Oklahoma City and Dallas. Dr. Chancellor is the Editor and sole proprietor of Solitárius Press and is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Below is a list of selected works listed by genre.

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Wind Ensemble:
"May You Walk in Beauty" original composition, premiered at Hummingbird Camp, published Solitarius Press (2015)
"Jig for Band"   original composition, premiered at Hummingbird Camp, published Solitarius Press (2014)
"Meditation"    arrangement for band of my sacred choral work "In This is Love," published Solitarius Press (2014)
“Gabriella’s Song” by Stefan Nilssen, from the film “As it is in Heaven,” arr. for concert band, (Summer 2013)
“Song at Parting” arr. of “Shenandoah”/ “Loch Lomond” for concert band written for Hummingbird Music Camp,  
          premiered by Hummingbird advanced band (2012)
“Over the Water”  an arrangement of “the water is wide” for young concert band written Spring 2010, adapted for
          Hummingbird Music Camp and premiered by the advanced band (2010)
Warm-Ups for Band  published on BandFolio.com Music Education Resources (January 2008)

Brass Choir:
"Shenandoah/Loch Lomond" transcription for brass ensemble of the 2012 concert band work (2016)
Arr. "Salvation is Created" transcription for brass ensembel of the 2011 work for horn choir  (2015)

Arr. "Donna Nobis Pacem" arrangement for flex-instrumentation brass ensemble of the sacred choral work (2015)

Horn Ensemble:
"Jura Island Jig" original work for 16 horn choir (reduced version available) with optional percussion  (2016)
"May You Walk in Beauty"  transcribed for horn choir: 10 horns w/ optional percussion (2016)
"Shenandoah/ Loch Lomond"  (2013)
Arr. “Salvation is Created” 7-part arrangement for Horn Choir of choral work by Pavel Tchesnokov (2011)
“Anthem” for horn quartet (2012), based on 1999 composition for voice/guitar

Chamber Ensembles:
Arr. Hans Hassler chorale "Hertlich Thut Mich Verlangen" versions for Brass and Woodwind quintet  (2016)
Arr. Hadyn Divertimento in C, H.II:14 available for clarinet quartet or 2 horns/2 woodwinds   (2015)
Arr. Haydn  Divertimento in F, H. II:15 for Woodwind Quintet  (2015)

Arranged instrumental parts to “Peace like a river/Kum ba yah”  by Jean Anne Shafferman, by permission Alfred Music
           for First Presbyterian–Norman, Youth Choir/ Praise Band (2013)
Arr. “What child is this” for brass/rhythm section: First Presbyterian Norman, Youth Praise Band(2012)
Arr. “Seek ye first” for rhythm, guitar and cello: First Presbyterian Church–Norman (2012)
“In This is Love: a Meditation on 1 John 4:10” revoicing of the 1999 song for SATB acapella chorus (2006)
“Prayer” original song for voice/guitar (2006)
Arr. “For the Beauty of the Earth” for guitar, horn and recorder: University Baptist Church (2003)
“In This is Love” original song for voice/guitar (1999)
"His Loving Hand" original song for voice/guitar (1998)