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Evan G. Chancellor
Technique & Literature
Exercises for Horn

LAKELAND Horn Studio Warmups

Warmup Packet for High School/Junior High

Horn Literature
Recommended Etudes/ Solo Literature

Orchestral Repertoire (Extended List)

Orchestral Repertoire (Short List)


Books on the Horn
“The Art of French Horn Playing” by Philip Farkas
“The Art of  Brass Playing” by Philip Farkas
“The Art of Musicianship” by Philip Farkas
“Photographic Study of 40 Virtuoso Horn Players’ Embouchures”  by Philip Farkas
“The Horn Handbook” by Verne  Reynolds
“Horn Technique” by Gunther Schuller
“Horn” by Barry Tuckwell
“The Horn” by Kurt Janetzsky and Bernard Brüchle
“The Early Horn” by John Humphries
“Mastering the Horn’s Low Register” by Randy Gardner
“Collected Thoughts on Teaching & Learning, Creativity & Horn Performance” by Douglas Hill
“Extended Techniques for the Horn”  by Douglas Hill
“Living Dangerously with the Horn” by David M. Kaslow
“Philip Farkas: Legacy of a Master” by M. Dee Stewart
Exercises for Brass

Trumpet Warmup Packet

Horn Warmup Packet

Trombone/Baritone Warmup Packet

Tuba Warmup Packet

Brass Literature
Trumpet Etudes/Solo Literature

Low Brass Etudes/Solo Literature

Arban Method 01Intro: FirstStudies

Arban Method 02Syncopation Studies

Arban Method 03Slur Studies

Arban Method 04Scale Studies

Arban Method 05Ornamentations

Arban Method 06Interval Studies

Arban Method 07Articulation Studies

Arban Method 08Characteristic Studies

Arban Method 09Fourteen Solos-ThemeVariations

Arban Method 10The Art of Phrasing

Arban Method11Sixty Duets-End

Books on the Trumpet & Brass Pedagogy
“The Art of Trumpet Playing” by Keith Johnson    
“The Art of Trumpet Playing” by Vincent Bach      
“Artistic Trumpet Technique and Study” by Irving Bush        
“Trumpet Technique” by Delbert Dale        
“Trumpet Techniques” by Louis Davidson  
“The Trumpeter's Handbook” by Roger Sherman    
“The First Trumpeter” by Jimmy Maxwell
“Cornet Playing” by Norman D'Ath    
“Practical Hints on Playing the Trumpet/Cornet” Robert Foster    
“Method for Piccolo Trumpet” by Gerald Webster
“The Trumpet Teacher's Guide” by Gordon Mathie
“Trumpet Discography” Alvin Lowrey  
“The Art of Brass Playing”  Philip Farkas    
“Brass Playing” Fay Hanson  

"Brass Performance and Pedagogy" by Keith Johnson 

"A Complete Guide to Brass" by Scott Whitener